I've been a designer for seventeen years now. During that time, I've worked for a wide range of companies - from small start-ups to large corporations and government agencies. This experience has given me a keen sense of the importance understanding the needs of the client, and how design can help them achieve their objectives.

The possibilities for solving problems through design has always held a fascination for me. Whether it is a new logo design, landing page design, or user interface for the web or a mobile app, I always apply myself with diligence and attention to detail. I believe in getting the basics right first - good layout, typography and colour, together with consideration for how a design behaves when someone uses it - form the foundation of effective design.

Being a keen amateur photographer, I like nothing better than to get up early in the morning to go out and photograph a beautiful landscape scene or wildlife habitat, and to share the results with friends, family and the web. In the past year I've become a father, so am often to be found out and about with my son, keeping him entertained and trying to satisfy his endless curiosity about the world around.



If you'd like to get in touch, please email me at hello@jonnyt.me