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Identity design
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Nazca Interactive was a new media design agency based in Putney, London. I ran this company with a business partner from 1999 to 2002. The company needed a logo, brand identity and web site that reflected its passion for digital design. The company was founded at the time of the dot com boom, and had to respond to the challenges of the bubble bursting in 2000.

I created a logo and identity that encapsulated the company's passion for design and technology and its role in the future, drawing on contemporary technological and cultural ideas. It was distinctive and memorable. A challenge with the web site design was to present a company without a large portfolio of pre-existing work that potential clients could browse in such a way as to instil confidence in our ability to create effective work. As a way of dealing with this, I emphasised our focus on a well-reasoned creative process, the excellent working relationship we had with clients and the positive testimonials that resulted from this.


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