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A dating web site for London professionals. The brand needed to make an impact in a saturated market. The launch was accompanied by an above-the-line campaign on the tube, bus, in the Metro and Evening Standard.
A new site for a web directory. The design focused on providing a more engaging and clearly organised user experience, with directory sections clearly defined and submission costs clearly highlighted.
A web site for a new business venture for an existing client. The site had to communicate a wide range of immigration information in an elegant manner, and be driven by a CMS that allowed the client to update their own content.
A web site to showcase this new media agency's services and work to potential new clients. Designed in Flash, it needed to be visually impressive and convey the company's passion for digital design.
A web site to update and reposition the online dating platform within a changing market. It needed to be crisp and clean, and communicate the benefits to new partners.
A web site to build excitement around the launch of the world-class Al Shaqab equestrian academy. The site needed to provide information about their equestrian pedigree, heritage and new facilities.
A web site for an osteopath expanding into the London market. The site needed a professional and elegant look to appeal to city clients. I also provided the identity and branding for the site, as well as search engine optimisation.
A web site to introduce the financial regulatory authority in Qatar, including companies interested in locating there, companies already in Qatar needing to keep up-to-date with developments and companies and looking for grants.
A web site for the UK security service, embodying the maxim "alert but not alarmed". It needed to explain threats facing the UK and what MI5 was doing to combat them. It also needed to provide a way for the public to help.
A dating web site for the Men's Health magazine running on the platform. It needed to appeal to the audience of health-conscious men and make it easy for them to find women in their area.
An e-commerce web site selling weight loss products to help people feel more attractive when dating. It needed to be approachable and friendly, convey the benefits of the different products, and include previous success stories.
A web site design for the global media owner. The concept was based around a Rubik's cube, which although it appears complex, can always be solved within eleven moves - the parallel being that MindShare make media buying and management similarly simple.
A web site design using the platform. The premise was that the site rated and approved members so that those who had had bad experiences in online dating before could feel more confident about using the site.
A niche dating web site for single parents in the UK. The site was friendly and colourful , with the design used the look of a family portrait. This evoked the importance of their children to those single parents looking for a date.
A dating web site for people in the Republic of Ireland. It needed to have a strong Irish feel and be visually appealing and welcoming to increase visitors' confidence in signing up for and using the service.
A Flash-based site for an office development in Mayfair, London. The site needed to convey the excellent location and facilities offered, as well as provide floor plans so that potential clients could assess its suitability for their business.
Part of a CRM email campaign for members of the Plenty More Fish dating site, it was designed to drive greater engagement with the platform so that members logged in more often and used the service more fully.

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I love creating beautiful and engaging web sites. I have fourteen years' experience as a web designer, and have created web sites for a wide range of clients. I have a real passion for web design, and this site shows some of my recent web design, print and logo design work.

I'm currently employed by the good folks at Global Personals.

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